This is a condensed version of the Enchanting Mastery Guide found on our sister site, The Stormspire. If you consider yourself an advanced gold maker, then by all means head over to the full version (it's free). The condensed version briefly covers shuffling and profitable enchanting crafts. The full version is far more in-depth, and covers inventory management, TradeSkillMaster integration, and other advanced topics.

In a recent poll, Enchanting ranked first as the most popular profession amongst gold makers. It's a profession with huge potential for gold-making, no matter what your level!

This guide will show you how to make gold with the Enchanting profession. It is updated for the latest data for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. First, we get started with some basic coverage of shuffling.

Part 1: Shuffles

Enchanting shines even if you have very little to invest. In fact, it shines like a beacon at sea even if you're a broke lowbie stuck at 190 Enchanting skill. How? Enchanting is a key component of several shuffles.

I wanted to discuss shuffles first because lowbies can utilize them to grow their fortune without leveraging much else.

Brief: The process of shuffling is one where you turn raw materials into something more valuable. By broad definition, this could include turning a Frozen Orb into an Eternal Fire, and using the Eternal Fire to smelt a Titansteel Bar.

In the case of Enchanting, you would combine it with a manufacturing profession such as Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, or even Leatherworking/Blacksmithing. Starting with ore, cloth, leather or bars, you would craft items and disenchant them into Enchanting materials. Ideally you should turn an overall profit on said Enchanting materials (or on scrolls). In some instances you don't even need to pair Enchanting with another profession.

With everyone seemingly falling prey to "end-game tunnel vision", players often forget that alternative shuffles exist. These are often accessible to lowbies and can present massive profit opportunities. Let's take a look at some my favorite, less-known shuffles.

1.1 Furbolg Medicine Totem Shuffle


  • Level ~47
  • Enchanting 175+

Shuffling chain: [Gold] -> [Furbolg Medicine Totem] -> [Greater Eternal Essence] + [Dream Dust]
Gold per hour: 0-9000 (heavily server-dependent)

Deep in the treacherous caverns of Felwood, an NPC named Gorn One Eye sells [Furbolg Medicine Totem] in unlimited supply. It costs 9.31g to purchase with combined discounts from exalted (20%) and [Bartering] (10%). Don't have Batering? Join a level 24+ guild. You should really do this on all your characters, anyway.

Each totem yields 0.375 [Greater Eternal Essence] and 0.33 [Dream Dust] when disenchanted (on average). Using conservative prices of 25g for essences and 2g per Dust, the return per disenchant is about 10g.

Now, with such low margins, you're probably thinking this isn't worth it, and you're right. Totem shuffling should be done on a discretionary basis, with the following points in mind:

  1. On large economies, essences and dusts are worth even less. Smaller economies command much higher prices for both – I've seen 45g/5g respectively on my native Thunderlord.
  2. At the very least, you can use this method to gather dusts and essences when the market dries up.
  3. You don't need to sell goods at market price. Overcut and wait for a powerleveler to gobble up your entire supply.


  • Buy 4 [Otherworldly Bag]s and equip them. This gives you 144 slots for enchanting materials alone, which makes the trip to the Furbolg cave worthwhile. With so much space, you can literally stick around for hours before running out of space. Even better, use mobile banking or a MOLL-E to clear our your inventory.
  • The whole operation can be macro'd


    • /run BuyMerchantItem(11,1)
    • /cast disenchant
    • /use Furbolg Medicine Totem
  • The first macro buys the Totem from Gorn One Eye (requires you to interface with him first). The second disenchants the Totem.
  • Use CKS to automate the process. The Consortium Key Sender (CKS)

1.2 Wizardweave Turban Shuffle


  • Level 20
  • Enchanting 225+
  • Tailoring 300+

Shuffling chain: [Runecloth] -> [Bolt of Runecloth] + [Star Ruby] + [Dream Dust] -> Wizardweave Turban[/item] -> [Illusion Dust] + [Greater Eternal Essence] + [Large Brilliant Shard]
Gold per hour: 1500-3000

This one might've been lost "in the shuffle" if it weren't for the Furbolg Medicine Totem strategy above.

Within hours of shuffling totems, you'll find yourself swimming in Dream Dust. You can only divert small quantities into scrolls, and large stock can be hard to liquidate at times. You can't sniff the stuff either, so you might find yourself looking for alternative outlets.

Wizardweave Turbans consume Dream Dust and offer a partial solution to this problem. They only cost about 15g to make, based on current WoWuction global pricing. The profit/craft is around 13g, making this a high-margin, low-risk shuffling option.

The only downside is that these are a PITA to craft. You might be lucky to shuffle out 150 in an hour with a fully optimized setup.

Each craft consumes 4 Dream Dust, 24 Runecloth and 1 Star Ruby. The return is 2.625 x Illusion Dust, 0.5 x Greater Eternal Essence and 0.05 x Large Brilliant Shard on average.


1.3 White Bandit Mask Shuffle


  • Level 35+
  • Enchanting 125+
  • Tailoring 215+

Shuffling chain: [Mageweave Cloth] -> [Bolt of Mageweave] -> [White Bandit Mask] -> [Greater Nether Essence] + [Vision Dust] + [Small Radiant Shard]

Gold per hour: 1500-3000

This particular shuffle deserves a special mention due to the phenomenal margins it produces. The lowbiest of lowbies can pick up White Bandit Mask (WBD) shuffling and turn a small fortune into a sizable nest egg.

When disenchanted, each WBD produces 2.625 Vision Dust, 0.3 Lesser Nether Essence (or 0.1 Greater Nether Essence) and 0.05 Small Radiant Shard. This equates to roughly 7g profit per disenchant. A single craft will cost you a measly 4 Mageweave Cloth.

The catch, again, is that producing them is a slow ordeal. You might get away with crafting 400 an hour with a fully optimized setup.

1.4 Your Very Own Shuffle!

With a bit of research you might find that there are hundreds of shuffles in WoW, some of which are killed by the occasional over-exposure (as we might see with the above). The aforementioned shuffles might not work for you, that's where the WoW Goblin Profitability Suite (GPS) comes in.

Developed by Kathroman , WoW GPS is a web-based tool that replaces conventional gold-making spreadsheets. It is, in all likelihood, the most under-appreciated and under-used tool in gold making today. Here's to hoping this article changes that!

One of WoW GPS' modules is Crafted DE. This module finds every single Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring craft that can be reasonably produced and disenchanted, hopefully at profit. The module supports realm-specific pricing, so you can use it to find shuffling niches in your local economy. Here's a quick screenshot of the final result:

Part 2: Profitable Enchanting Crafts

Enchanting is a profession where potential profit is directly proportional to effort invested. Despite being a great 'plug-n-play' profession, its real potential is unlocked through hours upon hours of reputation grinds and recipe hunting.

The enhancement scaling change introduced in 5.4 blew the Enchanting market wide open. Obsolete enchants once again stepped into the spotlight ([Enchant Weapon – Landslide] for example), while others received a severe downgrade ([Enchant Weapon – Strength]). What we have now is a far more diverse and intricate market; one where niche enchants are best-in-slot at a certain level range, creating all sorts of new and exciting opportunities for players wishing to earn gold. In other words, where one market was killed, three more emerged!

2.1 Must-Have Enchants

Here's quick list of must-have profitable formulas. Lace up your adventurer's boots and sharpen that blade, because you've got quite the work ahead of you. Oh, and get ready to open up that gold purse.

[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility] Timbermaw Hold - Friendly.
[Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility] Timbermaw Hold - Honored.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect] Thorium Brotherhood - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Strength] Thorium Brotherhood - Friendly.
[Formula: Enchant Cloak - Stealth] Cenarion Expedition - Exalted (also drops in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj).
[Formula: Enchant Bracer - Greater Agility] The August Celestials - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Bracer - Super Intellect] The August Celestials - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Bracer - Exceptional Strength] The August Celestials - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit] Shado-Pan - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel] Shado-Pan - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - River's Song] Shado-Pan - Revered.
[Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats] World drop - purchase from Auction House.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader] World drop - purchase from Auction House.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spellpower] World drop - purchase from Auction House.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose] Drops from Moroes in Karazhan.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Windwalk] Sold by Jessara Cordell (Alliance) or Kithas (Horde) for 5 [Maelstrom Crystal].
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Landslide] Sold by Jessara Cordell (Alliance) or Kithas (Horde) for 5 [Maelstrom Crystal].
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent] Sold by Jessara Cordell (Alliance) or Kithas (Horde) for 5 [Maelstrom Crystal].

Obviously, all current high-end enchants are solid sellers, too. You should also train every single one of them.

2.2 Notable Mentions

And now, the bench-warmers. These are low-volume sellers, meaning you can often get away with gouging like crazy.

[Formula: Magic Lamp] or [Formula: Enchanted Lantern] sold by Jessara Cordell (Alliance) or Kithas (Horde) for 20 [Hypnotic Dust].
[Formula: Enchant Chest - Major Health] Sold by Qia in Winterspring.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon] World drop - purchase from Auction house.
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Berserking] Sold by Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran for 10 [Dream Shard]
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Black Magic] Sold by Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran for 10 [Dream Shard]
[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner] Sold by Dealer Jadyan in Netherstorm.


There is far more depth in enchanting gold making than you might realize. If you plan on taking on gold-making, I definitely recommend learning TradeSkillMaster inside and out. You can find TSM resource here.